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Social Media Strategist



Reports to:

Digital Marketing Manager

Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. markets and sells well recognized brand name consumer products in two categories: over-the-counter health care products and household cleaning products. We operate in niche segments within these categories in which the strength of our brand names, our established retail distribution network, a low cost operating model and an experienced management team are key to our success. Our brands are sold throughout the United States, Canada, and in certain international markets.

Job Description:

The Social Media Strategist will report to the Digital Marketing Manager and, under the direction and guidance of the Manager, plan and execute social media and related campaigns for several of Prestige’s consumer healthcare and household products.


  • Develop the communication strategy and creative calendar for each of his/her assigned brands.
  • Interface with creative development resources to produce copy and images for social media posts including but not limited to internal resources, agency partners and User Generated Content (UGC).
  • Interface with paid social media service to allocate and optimize media spend against social activities.
  • Work with Brand Managers and Legal/Regulatory department to approve and schedule social posts for Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Acknowledge and respond to comments or questions on Prestige Brands’ owned social media profiles while adhering to company, FDA, and FTC guidelines.
  • Engage with consumers on owned channels (i.e. corporate websites, branded social profiles) and not owned channels (product reviews, social media posts).
  • Plan and execute Influencer Marketing and Content Marketing campaigns.
  • Research online product ratings and reviews; posting responses in appropriate situations.



Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Communications, Technology, or related field.


  • 2+ years social media community management at an agency, brand marketer, or marketing services provider.

Required Knowledge:

  • Strong knowledge of US digital marketing platforms and technologies
  • Strong knowledge of digital media planning parameters and measurement criteria
  • Strong knowledge of Sprinklr or equivalent social management systems
  • Strong knowledge of copywriting for digital platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Excellent math skills and attention to detail
  • Working knowledge of image production (i.e. PhotoShop)

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with others – demonstrates ability to deliver strong business results by working collaboratively with both internal and external resource effectively. Utilizes resources effectively to overcome challenges and achieve business objectives. Takes ownership where appropriate.
  • Independent priority-setting – prioritizes tasks to maximize impact and results with limited resources and time. Correctly and consistently assesses and prioritizes what is mission-critical, nice to complete, or not central to achieving the goals.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills – ability to convert analysis into insights and actionable plans. Able to sort through complex data to identify the core issues and develop a plan of action to resolve them. Resourceful at achieving objectives / results despite obstacles. Comfortable making conclusions with incomplete information.
  • Strong communication and influence skills – clear, concise, and persuasive in style. Leads thinking of both marketing and cross-functional counterparts and agencies. Ability to build strong and productive relationships with agency, cross-functional teams, and vendors despite differences.
  • Program management – ensures completion of key deliverables and milestones in a timely and consistent manner. Results are completed with quality, quantity and consistency.
  • Results orientation – focuses not only on what needs to be achieved, but also makes sure that it’s done the right way.
  • Energized by an entrepreneurial environment – not afraid to do things themselves to get things done. Comfortable making decisions with limited information and resources. Self-reliant / proactive and has a pioneering spirit. Takes initiative and follows-through on commitments to achieve results.

Additional Comments:

  • Members of the digital marketing team are expected to take on an entrepreneurial role in developing the department and its capabilities. Applicants must be willing to take on any/all relevant tasks in which their abilities may benefit the company.

Physical Activities and Requirements:

  • Verbal Communication: Especially where one must frequently convey detailed or important instructions or ideas accurately, loudly, or quickly.
  • Average Hearing: Able to hear average or normal conversations and receive ordinary information.
  • Average Visual Abilities: Average, ordinary, visual acuity necessary to prepare or inspect documents or products, or operate machinery.
  • Physical Strength: Sedentary work; sitting most of the time. Exerts up to 10 lbs. of force occasionally. (Almost all office jobs.)
  • Work Environment: Office Environment. Ability to work on computer, answer phones, speak to customers. Work with surrounding office noise.
  • Travel: Occasional travel required. Ability to drive. Ability to travel by rail or plane.

Mental Activities and Requirements of this position:

  • Reasoning Ability: Ability to deal with a variety of variables under only limited standardization. Able to interpret various instructions.
  • Mathematics Ability: Ability to perform basic math skills, use decimals to compute ratios and percents, and to draw and interpret graphs.
  • Language Ability: Ability to read a variety of books, magazines, instruction manuals. Ability to prepare memos, reports, and essays using proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.